A common question on a Mac Q&A forum could sound like this: “I just deleted a folder which contains all the photos I took on my wedding party from my Mac and now I’m asking if there is any possibility to recover the lost photos on my Mac. I would like to go to a Mac support center and maybe they can help me solve my problem, but the fee is a little bit high, and I am not sure if they will even solve my problem. Have you guys ever met this kind of problem? Are photos or videos stored on a MacBook Air that I have deleted be recovered? If yes, how to recover Mac lost photos, video or audio files?”

How to Restore Deleted Photos from Mac

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No matter if the photos, videos, or audio files are lost due to accidentally deleting, carelessly formatting, or transferring from one to another device, it is a troubling experience As asked in the question above, is it be possible to get the lost pictures back on my Mac? The answer is yes! Moreover, the chance of picture recovery will be higher if users stop using their Mac or device from the time that users realize their pictures have been accidentally deleted. 

To restore deleted pictures on a Mac, download iSolve Data Recovery for Mac which is quickly becoming one of the famous Mac photo recovery program in the data recovery field. With the help of this program, users can retrieve lost pictures without any difficulty. This software supports most of the popular devices like Mac, iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and other storage devices such an external drives, memory cards, and USB drives. The software also supports files like photos, audios, videos, documents, and almost any file formats users have lost. 

I Want iSolve that Helps Me Recover Lost Photos on Mac

Not only recover Mac lost pictures, iSolve recover files like video, audio and other types of file format like Word, Excel, emails or documents on Mac.

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How to Restore Deleted Photo Files from Mac

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Until now, “how to recover lost photos, videos or audio files on Mac OS X” has been a very difficult issue for Mac users. Pictures, audio, and video files can be lost easily on Macs, PCs and other types of storage devices. 

When facing this problem, many Mac users have no idea what they need to do. But once get help from data recovery software like iSolve Data Recovery for Mac, users can restore deleted photos from their Mac in a few easy steps. This process is based on the techniques used by iSolve Mac Data Recovery. The deep scanning function collects the tiny piece of lost files, and the workable recovery ability makes the recovery process effective. So, yes, it is possible to recover all lost picture, video or audio files on a Mac.


How to Recover Mac Lost Photos with iSolve

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Step 1-Install and Run Software on Mac OS X

Install iSolve Data Recovery for Mac first and then run the program. Users will find that only few main buttons will be located on the user friendly interface like “Preview”, “Scan”, “Recovery”, etc.

A streamlined interface helps users make the complicated photo recovery process become easier.

run software to scan lost or deleted Mac files
Step 2-Select A Drive and Start Scanning Lost Photos

After running the software, users will find the Mac hard drive (or the storage device which is plugged in with the Mac) will be shown on the interface. Choose it and then click the “Scan” button on the right side to scan pictures.

preview the searched files and start recovery operation
Step 3-Preview Searched Files and Start Recovering

After scanning, users will find out that all the searched files will be shown in a list on the left side of the interface. Choose one photo and click the “Preview” button to make sure if it is the one which needs to be recovered. After ensuring that this is the correct file, choose the photos and then simply click the “Recovery” button. After some time, all of the lost pictures will be recovered on the Mac. 

Video Tutorial: How to Recover Lost Photos on Mac OS X

Follow this video tutorial to recover your lost photo, video or audio files on Mac OS X easily.

Tips about Protecting Mac Files

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Don’t Empty Trash too Often

Emptying the Mac trash is a good habit because it can help users save space, but it is important not to empty the trash bin immediately after moving files to the trash bin. Moreover, “Command+Delete” will “kill” the files directly because this command will not move the files to trash bin, but delete the files from the hard drive completely. So users: avoid using this command to delete files.

Protect File from Unknown Software or Virus

Don’t install apps that you are not familiar with. Though Mac claims that it will not be infected by a virus, you can’t be too careful. Do not download or install the software that comes from an unknown website. Building a backup for files regularly is a good habit to protect files like pictures, videos, audio, or other documents in order to prevent future data loss problems. External drives, USB drive, CD/DVD, and Cloud service are the excellent choices for saving your important files.

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  • August 20, 2014 at 3:29 am

    My external drive has been formatted by my bro and he didn’t know what I store in it. It was a disaster since all the photos and videos I took during the my whole summer vacation. I ran this software hoping it would work. It took more than 5 hours to scan and recover the 36 GB of data but it did recover them. Truly an amazing software. Data recovery service companies ask several hundred dollars to do the the same work. Thanks a lot.

    • August 20, 2014 at 4:56 am

      Thanks for replying to this article. I will write more recovery solution which aim at help all of you to solve different kinds of data loss problem.

  • September 11, 2014 at 10:02 am

    I’ve used this solution several times on my Mac for partition issues to recover photos and files that were inaccessible and always have the best results getting my files back. A very useful solution, especially if you accidentally erase over a hard drive. Works with Mac, USB flash drive, external hard drive, memory cards and more. Thanks for giving such a good solution in this post. Will tell everyone to use this one.


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