In our daily lives, we are using Word documents for many reasons. And we do also use other Office files like Excel, PPT, etc sometimes. But during the process of using Word documents, we have to face some unexpected and troublesome situations like these: Mistakenly delete your Word files from your Mac; wrongly format the storage device which contains your Word documents; unsave the document and then turn off the application, or some unknown reasons which make you lose your Word files. When you are facing one of these situations, what would you do? Or how to recover the deleted Word documents on Mac? Actually it is not difficult to process it. You still have chance to recover lost or unsaved Word files or Excel files, PPT, PDF.

How to Recover Lost Word Document on Mac OS X

how to recover lost word document on Mac

Technically, the lost or unsaved Word documents or other files like Excel files, folders or emails which were deleted from your Mac are not really gone from your Mac or device. It doesn’t means the operating system erased the files physically. The files are only inaccessible for general users. With the help of some third party data recovery program, users can retrieve unsaved or deleted Word documents or other files. 

iSolve is one of the best data recovery software for Mac which enables you to recover your files from your Mac. Based on the techniques which are using by iSolve Data Recovery for Mac, users can use it to scan and recover the unsaved or deleted Word files or any other formats like Excel, pictures, movies or mp3s depend on the powerful scanning function and high-efficiency recovery option. 

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Recover lost or deleted Word document as well as other file format like JPEG, PNG, MP3, MP4, MOV, RMVB, MKV, PPT, PDF, etc on Mac OS X.

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Recover Lost Word Files on Mac with Mac Data Recovery Software

what to do to restore lost Word files on Mac PC

As we said above, iSolve Data Recovery for Mac is a powerful Mac files recovery software which help you to restore lost Word documents, deleted Excel files and some kind of Office files. Moreover, PNG, GIF, JPEG, MP4, MKV, MOV, MP3, WMV files can be also brought back by this data recovery Mac software. 

When you deleted your Word document, Excel files or other file formats from your Mac or storage device, the operating system will not delete the files content but only free up the space of the files and delete the catalog of the files. Actually the files are still remaining on the hard drive where they are “deleted” from. So, chances are still out there for users to get them back. 

How to Recover Lost or Unsaved Word Document on Your Mac

step one for running software to recover lost data
Step 1-Install & Run Mac Data Recovery Software on Mac OS X

The first step is simple, just run the software after you installed it. You will find that there is a succinct user interface shown in front of you. You can see that the function buttons are located on the top and the bottom right corner-few buttons but more powerful than any other programs on the market. Make difficult task become a piece of cake for you to get back Office files like Word, Excel, PPT or the file you can named it out.

step two to scan out the recoverable data
Step 2-Run Scan Function for Finding Lost Files

Simply move your mouse to the bottom right corner where the “Scan” button is located and click it after you choose your drive. (If you want to recover files from your storage device, just plug it in your Mac and it will be shown in the same place where your Mac hard drive is shown.) The software will auto-run the deeply scan and find out all recoverable files on your Mac/storage device.

step three to preview and recover files
Step 3-Preview and Recover Your Lost Files

When scanning is finished, you will get a list of results which contain all of the recoverable files. All the files are in an assortment of formats. This can help users to target the files they want to recover as the remember the file format of the lost files. 

After choosing one file, you can preview (only photos can be previewed) and ensure if it is the one you want to get back. If yes, just move to “Recovery” button and click it. The software will start recovery function and you will get your Word, Excel, all your files back in a while. 

User Guide Video: Guide You to Recover Lost Word Documents on Mac

Recover your lost, deleted Word documents or Excel, PDF, photos, videos or songs from Mac OS X PC.

Some Useful Tips about Lost Word Document Recovery on Mac

tips about Word documents recovery on Mac
Can We Recover the Unsaved Word Documents on Mac?

Well, it is difficult to give a correct answer about this problem. If you haven’t saved the document before, it is hard to recover it. Here bring you some tips that may be helpful for recovering the documents which have been saved before.

1. Simply check “Trash” to find a folder which named “Recovered Items”.

2. Go and find a file named “Word Work File” in folder “Temporary Items” by typing this: “/private/var/folders”, there may be had a chance to get back your lost Word documents. This method is also fit for other files like Excels, emails even folders.

Ways to avoid Word Document Unsave or Corruption Problem

If you don’t want your results of your labor-the Word document-meet the unsave or corruption situation, you should learn this: On Office Word software, there are two very important functions which can help you easily avoid unsave or corruption-the “Autosave” and “Autobackup”. After launching them, your Word document can be saved automatically.

4 thoughts on “How to Recover Lost Word Document on Mac OS X

  • August 21, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    Thats an amazing tool! I just formatted my card which contains my financial report I made by using Office Word. I’ve try some methods I found on Google but none of them work for me. I try your post solution and it actually get my files back. But at the same time I found your software find something which I don’t know on my card. Whats that?

    • September 3, 2014 at 6:39 am

      Thank you for your treasure opinion. I noticed that you said you got some files or folders which you are not familiar, right? These files have not been overwritten and maybe left on your computer a long time ago, and then our software scan them out and recover them.

  • September 12, 2014 at 8:21 am

    I think I come to the right place because I follow your suggestion and get my files back. But I have a question to ask: Most of the Word files have been recovered, moreover, some other kind of lost files like pics or videos also have been recovered, this surprised me and make me feel good, but few recovered pics cannot be opened or corrupted. Why this happens?

    • September 12, 2014 at 8:33 am

      Hi Amy, happy to hear that you’ve got back your files. The pics cannot be opened is because of data overwritten situation. When you delete a file, the operating system only deleted the catalog and free up the space of this file, but the file is still there, only you cannot find it. This moment, the chance is still there for you to get this file back. But if you put any new files into the device, the new file will occupy the space of the “deleted file” and you may lose the chance to recover the file.

      So please remember, after data loss happens, don’t save any new files into the device which the files were deleted from.


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